Julio Victoria

Julio Victoria was born in the mountains of the Colombian coffee-growing region. A couple of years later, destiny would take him to the south of Germany, where he would discover the Plattentasche record store. There, for several years, began a whole revelation of digging and his sonorous discovery.

It was a point of no return that would lead Victoria to dedicate her life entirely to house and techno, producing her own music, DJ sets and live band approach. Victoria quickly rose to the top of her country's scene, not only as a DJ, but also as a producer. With her raw cuts, but always melodic and enveloping, she had a strong passage through the Boiler Room Colombia, national festivals such as Sónar Bogotá, Nuits Sonores Colombia, Estéreo Picnic, BAUM Festival; and international festivals such as Dimensions Croatia, Kolorádó Fesztivál Hungary, Comunité Tulum and III Points Miami. EPS - ALBUMS On Balance Lo Que Se Fue Indigo LIVE SHOW Teatro Mayor JMSD Teatro Colon Sonar Bogota Planetario de Bogota Bonfire

His proposals have also resounded on stages such as: Printworks London, Contact Tokyo, Minh Hong Kong, Concrete Paris, Zukunf Zurich, Jagger Oslo, Kaiku Helsinki, Larm Budapest, Truth Johannesburg and Good Room New York.

His vision has led Julio Victoria to transcend beyond the dance floor, conquering non-traditional and iconic stages in Bogota, Europe and Latin America. His Live project represents the sonic clash of multiple cultures and involves different cultures.