Tzutu Kan

Tzutu Khan Mayan Hip Hop begins in 2010 and the goal is to combine Mayan spirituality with the arts and achieve a fusion between the indigenous worldview and music. Tzutu is an artist, member of the acclaimed Balam Ajpu group, who is changing the notion of Mayan poetry in contemporary arts.

His music includes native sounds and electronic beats, creating a unique sound. The Mayan Hip Hop mission is a dual, artistic and spiritual project that represents the ancestral word, the fabric that gives rise to creation and formation in the Mayan cosmogony, its music mixes post-classical Mayan rhythms with Hip Hop and lyrics composed in Tz 'utujil, K'iche and Kaqchiquel who advocate for culture, ecology, peace and justice. Tz'utu has participated in poetry festivals in Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala, and has already shared his music in important music festivals in Norway, Germany, England, Austria, at the same time offering a conference on Mayan Hip Hop. In different universities in New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, California, Mexico, etc. Mayan Beats, Mayan Hip Hop.